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Good to See You.

Kyle Pruzina is a singer-songwriter based in Memphis, TN. His sound harkens to the likes of Jack Johnson, Allen Stone, Ben Howard, and Ed Sheeran.  Listen to his latest song here and like KYLE PRUZINA on Facebook! He is also a producer and instructor, providing lessons in voice, guitar, piano and songwriting in the greater Memphis area and online via Facebook.

He is currently living in Midtown with his wife, Marci, and their felines Sophie and Sawyer. He also fronts Memphis rock band, AIRSIDE. Check out their music at their website and like their Facebook Page. 

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Mourning the Lives Lost in Florida Shooting  Podcast

It is a sad time for so many after the events in South Florida, as a 19-year-old gunman opened fire on staff and students at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

As an artist, my aim is to speak into the world, but for a couple of days now I've had nothing to say. 

I was speaking to a friend and mentor of mine, and he encouraged me to look at the situation not with hatred for the gunman, but with sympathy. "That is something I cannot do," I wanted to retort; "that is madness, to give him any measure of sympathy is almost a crime against the victims," is the thought that ran through my mind. But I heard him out.

What if our interactions--or lackthereof--have more of an effect than we realize?

What if someone had been in Nikolas Cruz's life as more than a bystander? 

Maybe these lives wouldn't have been lost,

And maybe Nikolas' life would have had a different trajectory.

I hope my song '17' allows you to respond to this tragedy in such a way that is rooted more in hope and restoration than hatred and vengeance.




  1. 17 (Dear Mr. Gunman)

NEW SINGLE from my band AIRSIDE 2/14 

Hey y'all,

We've got something big to share with you.

artwork credit: Kirk Teachout (and a friend of his whose name I don't know; sorry, friend!)


There was a coffee shop I used to frequent in Port Washington, WI called Java Dock. I worked there briefly as a junior/senior in high school (I think I was let go due to sleeping through my shift, kind of a big deal since only one person worked at a time and the guy whom I was to relieve had to be somewhere when I no-showed), but nevertheless it's all good memories. The all-unique mugs--the kind you're sure was owned by someone eclectic or famous--the local artwork hung all over the walls of happy dogs or nautical scenery or fruit that's the wrong color, and the little cactus plants potted all over the window sills. There was a second floor seating area right up the stairs from the kitchen, and it was here that I spent a lot of time engaging in conversation which would inevitably lead all over the landscape of our angsty (whatever angst one can muster in Scenic Port Washington), hormone-driven teen mind space, but not often landing on things of substance. Sometimes it's nice to talk about nothing; sometimes it's exhausting.

There are people with whom you've made a particularly gripping connection. You know, the kindred spirit, birds-of-a-feather sort of person, whose vibe, demeanor, and experience allows for that sort of talking which great friends can do even if they're only speaking for the first or second time.

But not all relationships are like that; this song is about the ones that feel like bringing a completely full latte up an equally full flight of stairs.

It aims to push its audience to ponder our patterns of speech and subject matter choice; maybe we need to open up, give a little, and love more freely.


I can't wait to share this song with you guys.

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